House Spider
House Spider

“Don’t worry, spiders, I keep house casually.” – Robert Hass, Field Guide. And that is why you need spider control services from Complete Pest Prevention. They hide in “casual” places.

Ah yes, Spiders. How can we forget about spiders? Especially here in the Tri-cities! With our arid climate we are a natural choice for spiders. Remember, spiders overall are good – they eat all the other bugs, but that doesn’t mean we want to live among them, or with them.

They live all around us and sometimes even let us see them. Spider control is one of the biggest requests we get at Complete Pest. The fear of spiders is more than a learned behavior. Rather it is innate in our collective unconscious. Show an infant a picture of a spider and there will likely be a fear response. This instinctive fear stays with many of us our whole life. Admit it Ladies, do you scream or stifle a scream when you see one? Lucky for you, the team here at Complete Pest Prevention have overcome this latent fear and are ready, willing and able to assist you in ridding your home or business of these ancient 8 legged hunters with our spider control services and solutions.

8 legs you say? Why yes, spiders are actually arachnids, not insects, and actually present some problems in regard to removing them.

All spiders are hunters and fall into 3 categories; runners, jumpers and web spinners (the smart ones that let food come to them). So first, we need to identify just what type of hunter is terrorizing your home, and perhaps even more importantly, what is he dining on? Sometimes removing their food supply in the form of other insects also gives them a reason to move voluntarily.

Spider Control Factors

When arriving at your home we look to see what factors have attracted the spiders in the first place. If there are trees and shrubs growing up against the structure we will recommend trimming these back to eliminate future spiders. Outdoor lighting will attract the bugs that spiders eat. Changing the way you light the exterior of your home can reduce spider populations dramatically.

In order to kill their prey, all spiders use venom. Not all spiders however are dangerous to humans. In Eastern Washington however, we do have several species of very venomous 8 legged critters. If Black Widow Spiders, Hobo Spiders or Yellow Sac Spiders are found or suspected, give us a call immediately.

The term “Spider barrier” is very misleading, as there are no chemical barriers to keep spiders and other pests away. Our spider applications reduce favorable hunting for the spiders, limit where they can safely hide, and kill the ones that are already residing there, thereby keeping the eight legged hunters away from you, your home, and your family.

Spider problems? Give us a call today, and we’ll rid you of them: (509) 627-5211